Friday, January 19, 2007


It's continues to amaze me how the non-Network Marketing world continues to embrace the Network Marketing model. Take AGLOCO for example: Across the Blogosphere I continue to see post promoting this, and updating readers on how many sign-ups they have. John Chow dot Com now has 1000 people in his down-line, read some of the comments, not all his readers embrace his enthusiasim.

I see the same thing at Big Fish Games. Seattle based Big Fish had a layoff in September, word is the Marketing department was particuarly hard hit. It was soon after that they launched the My Big Fish Rewards Program. Since then sales have jumped 250%.

I have seen nice growth myself, in my last post on January 1st about my game site, I had 260 people in my organization, as of this morning that has grown to 422.

With the kind of numbers these 2 programs are generating I am sure we will continue to see more and more companies adopt multi level referral programs

1000 AGLOCO Sign Ups « John Chow dot Com

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