Monday, January 01, 2007

Big Fish Games Affiliate Program

Big Fish Games has literally built a 3-tier compensation system from the ground up over the past 3 months. They continue to add features and functionality so that they can continue with the rapid expansion. Over 200,000 have joined the program since September. My first 2 checks have been sent to me in hand-addressed envelopes, so I hope soon they will come up with a more efficient way to pay us.

In addition to the basic auto-responder (which has worked quite well for me: over 260 sign-ups in 3 months), they have added new banners and text ads which are already customized with your own referral code.

Here are a few of the new tools:



Joe's Game Space

My Big Fish Games Home Page

In addition to the new tools, there has been some good press
about My Big Fish in the mainstream media.


Yahoo Finance


It is interesting to me that most of the growth has come not from the Network Marketing folks, but from the game players themselves. Network Marketers are missing out on a potentially huge stream of income. I have built a nice-sized downline with just a little work. At the rate my organization is growing, I should have well over 1000 people by May or June! It is estimated that there are currenly 300 million casual gamers worldwide, and that number in expected to TRIPLE in the next 4 years.

With the early success they have seen, I would expect to see more and more companies adopting an MLM-type program in the coming months. Imagine if or took their affiliate programs and added a 3-level comp plan!

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