Friday, January 19, 2007

Generate Leads And Cash Flow For Your Business

Once a week or so, I like to browse through the auctions over at Ebay to see what kind of interesting business-building items people have up for sale. Selling items is really a good idea for 2 reasons:

1. Make a small profit, and generate some cash flow for your primary business
2. Generate leads of someone who is spending money on tools to help build their business, or they are looking to start a business and therefore are looking for more information

Item #160073799153 Raising A Giant by Bob Crisp. The seller says that this is a rare 218 page book endorsed by Dale Calvert.

Item #260075797372 Conversations with Greatest Networkers :

"Lot of two MLM Cassette Albums
Conversations with the Greatest Networkers in the World

Album One:
Interviews with Randy Gage, Tom Schrieter (Big Al), Jan Ruhe, Russ Devan & Steve Spaulding

Album Two:
Interviews with Richard Brooke, Sandy Elsberg, Greg Stewart, Mark & Rene Yarnell.

Both albums are like new, in excellent shape. All tapes have been tested and are in perfect working order. This comes from a smoke-free environment"

And finally, Item #160067924282 DAN KENNEDY RON LEGRAND PLATIUM 8 NEW DVDS

"Dan Kennedy – Dan has helped countless beginners and novices "find their legs" in the info-publishing and marketing businesses, including dozens of private clients who’ve each gone from point-zero to making over a million dollars a year.

People paid over $1,497 to see what you can now view in the comfort of your home over and over again!"

It says that Chapter 10 will tell you how to double your sales with one piece of paper! This item already has 3 bids and is at $8.73 right now.

Happy Bidding.

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