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MLM Traffic Formula Review part 3

Module 5: Paid Traffic Strategies

Webinar 1: Pay Per Click Marketing Basics

How to use these FREE and inexpensive tools to quickly uncover profitable keywords that your prospects are currently searching for online.
The pay per click marketing blueprint, that if used (Correctly), can create a stampede of instant and extremely high quality traffic to your website nerve center.
How to avoid the Google “stupid tax” and never pay more for a lead than you should!
Should you kill the campaign or do you have a winner on your hands? Here's how to analyze your results.

Webinar 2: Banner Advertising

Get 7x more quality traffic with banners than pay per click and search engine traffic combined? Find out how our guest is doing it!
Find out how this internet multi-millionaire gets huge results with a tactic, once thought outdated and ineffective, and why according to him, it’s easier than ever before to get targeted leads and traffic.
The _____ __ or _____ ___ rule you MUST obey if you want to make banner ads work for you.
How and why visitors that click on banners will behave differently than any of your other traffic and what you must do to convert them into leads.
Why banner advertising is a more reliable traffic source than Google.
Webinar 2: Other Paid Advertising
Advertising co-ops: How to use them to explode your personal business with $10,000 to $50,000 in free paid advertising without spending a dime.
More to be announced!
Bonuses & Resources:

The PPC Campaign Blueprint
How To Uncover Profitable PPC Keywords
Scientific Marketing Report

In Chapter 5, we’re going to focus on producing paid traffic. This is the quickest way to start generating a lot of traffic to your website to begin testing your offer.

This is where the rubber meets the road and you begin to really pay attention to what you learned in Chapters 3 and 4, namely copywriting, tracking and split-testing.

And just to give you an idea of how powerful this chapter will be, consider this…

We’ve produced up to 600 leads per day, from 1 single source of traffic. And that doesn’t include traffic from affiliates, or social networking sites.

Chapter 6: Social Media Traffic

Webinar 1: Leveraging The 7 Largest Social Media Websites

Find out how and when to use “The Big 7” to quickly gain a massive following and create a steady stream of traffic.
Social media marketing best practices. Break these rules at your own risk! Why 99% of the marketers out there have this all wrong.
The exact formula used by some of the top social media mavens to quickly expand their networks and reach thousands of people daily.
The inner working of Twitter and how micro-blogging is fast becoming the most popular social media traffic source.
How to use Facebook to get exposure, gain credibility and engage your network to interact with you and drive targeted traffic to your “Nerve Center.”
And much more!
Webinar 2: How Social Media Fits In With Your Marketing Strategy

MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 blueprint and how social media fits in with the big picture.
Your questions answered
Bonuses & Resources:

The Social Media Marketing Blueprint
Directory of Top Social Media Websites

Social media, if used properly, can get you a steady flow of quality traffic.

A LOT of traffic.

In fact, we’re going to cover several different ways to produce traffic for your websites with social media. As we go through this chapter, you’ll learn how to use websites like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, and many more social media websites to drive hoards of targeted traffic to your “Nerve Center.”

By the time you complete this chapter, you will have a social media strategy that clearly lays out how and where social media fits into the big picture of your business.

Chapter 7: Video And Other Multi-Media Traffic

Webinar 1: Everything You Need To Start Creating Kick-Butt Video

Here’s a very short list of equipment you can pick up for under $300 that will allow you to create and publish high-quality videos in just minutes!
How to quickly create simple VIDEO REPORTS that you can give away or even sell to grow your list!
How to get over your fear of being “taped” and why you’re NEVER too ugly, old or dumb to be on video. And no, it doesn’t matter if you’re shy, English is your second language, you have an obnoxious lisp, or any other “reason” you might think you shouldn’t be on video.
5 easy things you can do to make your video quality look ten times better.
A comparison of the different types of video you can create, the pros and cons of each and in what situations you want to use each.
Webinar 2: How To Turn Your Videos Into Massive Traffic, Leads And Cash

How to get your “video podcasts” listed in the iTunes directory, accessed by millions of people every day!
How to use video sharing websites to quickly shoot up to the first page of major search engines for just about any keyword or phrase. (This is an extremely effective way to drive search engine traffic to your Traffic Formula Nerve Center.)
How to use edu-tainment (educational entertainment) to create value, build credibility and make your videos go VIRAL!
How to “respond” to other people’s videos and instantly access traffic from the most popular videos.
Bonuses & Resources:

The Video Marketing Blueprint
My Top Video Recommendations
Quick-Start Checklist

Video marketing is one of the simplest ways you can use to start driving massive targeted traffic to your Traffic Formula Nerve Center.

Not only can you attract new prospects, but it’s an extremely effective method for building credibility and trust because it get’s people engaged in ways other media just can’t.

I have several close friends who all have built multi-million dollar businesses by creating and marketing video, and they are going to show you how video gets people engaged and interested in ways other media just can’t.

If you use it the way we show you in this Module, you’ll be well on your way to generating leads.

Chapter 8: Search Engine Optimization For Non-Geeks

Webinar 1: How And Where To Find Targeted Traffic On The Search Engines

Discover the 3 simple things you MUST do to get Google to send you FREE targeted & ongoing traffic to your MLM Traffic Formula Nerve Center.
Learn the ONE simple technique we use to find “money keywords”, which will convert to cash, leads and distributors. GUARANTEED!
How to avoid wasting time on the 90% of keywords, which will NEVER convert and will only result in dead beat leads and loads of wasted time.
The secret to exploiting social media to blanket the top 10 search results on Google for your target keywords, even if you don’t have a website!
Revealed! The SEO 2.0 formula we’ve used to passively drive traffic, create leads and distributors WITHOUT actually having to do SEO.
The right way to use social media to get Google to automatically push your rankings way past your competition, even if their SEO is better than yours.
Bonus! Get the inside scoop on some astonishing SEO results and see REAL evidence that Google is launching a hostile takeover of social media, and how you can profit from this.
A comparison of the different types of video you can create, the pros and cons of each and in what situations you want to use each.
Webinar 2: How SEO Fits In Your Business Model

A “big picture” look at how and where SEO fits in your business.
Your questions answered
Bonuses & Resources:

The SEO Blueprint
My Top FREE SEO Resources
Quick-Start Checklist

The beautiful thing about search engines, is everything you’ve done up to this point with social media and video marketing, has already given you some beneficial search engine attention.

Now in this section, it’s time to kick it up a notch and begin implementing some very simple search engine strategies that will really start helping you increase your visibility and rankings.

This chapter really takes the technical stuff out of SEO and teaches you the simple steps to grow your traffic naturally, organically and for the long haul.

Chapter 9: How To Harvest Money From Your List

Webinar 1: How To Automate Your Follow Up And Maximize Your Results

My proven step-by-step formula for creating autoresponder emails guaranteed to get the most opens and clicks.
How to combine an autoresponder with social media marketing to set up your own distribution channel.
Mike Dillard’s top 10 secrets to creating long term and profitable relationships with his list.
The “pipeline” marketing method, and how your marketing system will work on your behalf to sort, qualify and convert your leads into distributors and customers.
Bonuses & Resources:

Mike’s autoresponder template
The Pipeline Marketing Blueprint
Quick-Start Checklist

At this point, you’ve got your own nerve center in place that’s producing leads for you, and you have 14 different sources of traffic sending prospects your way each and every day.

Well now I’m going to show you how to combine an email autoresponder, and your social media presence, to set up your very own distribution channel.

Now things are going to get very exciting, because this is where you’re going to learn how to set up a virtual selling machine, that builds a relationship with your prospects for you, and then turns them into paying customers and distributors automatically.

To give you an idea of the power this Lesson contains, I wrote a series of emails that goes out to my prospects each day automatically about 2 years ago.

And every single day, those emails produce $10,000 to $20,000 in income, without any direct involvement on my part. I literally set it up once, and it’s been working on auto-pilot ever since.

This is exactly what I’m going to show you how to do in this module.

So at this point, you have a state-of-the-art marketing machine in place that’s based on our nerve system strategy.

Traffic’s coming in. Leads are being produced, and those leads are being turned into cash producing customers of your products or business opportunity, 24/7 automatically.

Everything’s getting better and better everyday thanks to the optimization strategies you learned in Section II.

Things are good.

And now that you have so many leads coming in, I’d like to spend our next lesson together, revealing everything I know about turning those leads into new distributors.

Chapter 10: How To Sponsor More Reps

Webinar 1: Getting Prospects To Chase You

How to minimize your time and maximize your sponsoring results with my simple 3-step prospect to team member or customer conversion method.
Fearless Sponsoring Tips, Techniques and Tactics: why being shy or afraid to talk to people on the phone isn't an issue.
How to instantly get credibility and respect when talking to a prospect on the phone.
Bonuses & Resources:

Quick-Start Checklist

In this lesson, we’re going to solve your biggest challenges when it comes to sponsoring. I don’t care if you’re shy on the phone, or if you just don’t have a lot of extra time yet thanks to a day job, I’m going to show you exactly how I managed to build the 2nd largest downline in my primary opportunity, sponsoring 4 out of the top 5 income earners.

Using my techniques, sponsoring will become effortless because your prospects are going to be seeking you out. They’re going to be calling you, and you’re going to be in control of the entire process.

You’ll never have to feel like an awkward sales person again, or make another unwanted cold call to strangers.

This is the culmination of everything we’ve been building up to.

You’ve learned how to produce a ton of traffic using multiple different sources. You’ve learned how to turn that traffic into leads using your nerve center. You’ve learned how to monetize your leads and produce customers using automated technology, and now you’ve learned how to sponsor distributors and build a team.

By the time you finish this module, you’ll having everything you need, and then some in order to build a successful, profitable business from home, using the exact same techniques and strategies I have.

MLM Traffic Formula 2.0

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