Thursday, July 24, 2008

Review Of Mike Dillard's Black Belt Recruiting

I used to despise the networking industry... Thinking it as evil, where precious relationships were broken and wallets are emptied.

I even saw first hand how the great relationship between two of my long-time friends turned into hate...when one guy, along with his upline pressured the other to invest $1,500 to join in the business. I spent weeks listening to stories from both sides...before they eventually patched up.

In the end, I decided to give the industry a shot, as it's one of the easiest way to start a business. But I was still against pulling my warm market into my organization, and simply did not have the confidence to pick up the phone to talk to people I don't know.

So naturally, I tried to promote my business using primarily the internet... Posting articles, leaving my links at all the forums I frequent, blogging, etc...

That went on for two years without making a dime. And during that period I was struggling with my university studies as well.

With both studies and my own business going nowhere...I felt useless. I had no confidence at all.

After completing my 1st year of studies...I was pointed to Mike Dillard's site as a great sales letter to practice copy writing. As it turned out...Mike's videos just HOOKED onto me.

His videos was describing exactly the problems I was facing. A few weeks later I purchased Magnetic Sponsoring and The much anticipated Black Belt Recruiting.

Boy... Did my view of my business change.

Black Belt Recruiting is a GREAT course about how networkers should think about their business and most importantly themselves.

I realized that I'm the reason people join me...not the products I'm selling or how powerful the compensation plan is.

It covered great problems such as how to counter questions like, "How much you are making?", but the BEST thing The much anticipated Black Belt Recruiting has given me so far is this...

It helped me realize that I have what it takes to lead other people...I have what it takes to control the situation as a leader.

I can now confidently hold conversations with anyone when talking about my business and what I have to offer as a leader, and able to look straight into my prospects eyes telling them that they need me.

And you know what...all along I have a great prospecting system and a 45-day training program for my downlines, one which I built with my good friend and upline.

But something inside me still tells me that I'm lacking something. I still think I'm inferior in some way.

And it was SELF-CONFIDENCE...that's what The much anticipated Black Belt Recruiting has helped to inspire in me.

In fact just yesterday I approached Ewen Chia at his seminar. He's a renown millionaire internet marketing coach in my country, to discuss with him business building.

He was impressed, mentioning that he will visit my site.

And you know what? I don't even care if he visits or not, because I know that there are lots of other millionaires like him who I can approach. It's just a matter of time before I have one in my team.

So who should you buy The much anticipated Black Belt Recruiting?

After going through the entire course for 6 times already in the 2 weeks since Black Belt Recruiting was delivered to me, I seriously think anyone in networking can benefit from this.

Very soon...I will have prospects flocking to me and my downlines. Anyone in this industry will do themselves a GREAT favor in picking up a copy of The much anticipated Black Belt Recruiting.

It's a MUST in any network marketer's education.

Thank you Mike!"

The much anticipated Black Belt Recruiting

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