Monday, May 28, 2007

MLM Summer Slowdown?

It makes sense that the summer months can result in a slowdown in your business...people are on vacation, working in the yard, getting ready to go back to school, etc. The list goes on and on....

But does this mean you have to give up and wait for the "busy season?" No, say many Network Marketing pros. Building your business is a state of mind. If you think the summer months are going to be slow, they will be.

I've put together a list of sites with tons of great information and tools:

The NetworkMarketing Magazine-

The Tom Chenault Home Based Business Radio Show-

Josh Hinds Get Motivation-

Dale Calvert -

Networking Times-

Direct Sellers Women's Association-

Zig Ziglar Training-

Jeffrey Combs-

Jerry Clark Club Rhino-

Michael Clouse-

John Fogg-

Art Jonak-

Tom Schreiter-

Klemmer & Associates-


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