Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fox News Kansas City: MonaVie - Try It Before You Buy It

Fox News in Kansas City has just done a story on MonaVie. They enlisted 2 "civilians" to try the product for 1 month, and reported the results which you can view on the link below. The 2 women who were taking the product would probably not make the stage at one of Brig Hart's MonaVie productions, but overall their experience seemed to be pretty positive.

Monavie continues to see fantastic growth. Back on the May 13, I posted that the last distributor ID was around 375,000. As of today, that is up around 390,000. These numbers are issued to both retail customers and distributors, but 1000 new sign-ups per day is BIG.

In fact, the last time I called distributor support, they asked for my rep number. I told the customer service rep that it was 12486. She said, "you're missing a number - our distributor IDs are 6 digits." "No," I said, "it really is 12486." She keyed it in again, and said I was absolutely right.

Most of the growth seems to be coming from Florida. According to Google Trends of the top 10 cities generating searches for the term "Monavie," 7 are in Florida. Why has the Sunshine State become the driving force, and why did MonaVie open its 2nd warehouse in Jacksonville? Just visit - MonaVie's top distributor and money earner. It's almost as if MonaVie is 2 separate entities: MonaVie the corporation that manufactures the product and pays commissions, and Brig Hart's organization that signs up and trains all the distributors.

According to Jerry Giebieg's Monavie blog, Hart's organization was signing up over 5000 new reps every week, and this was back in December of 2006.

Google Trends: monavie:

1.Delray Beach, FL, USA

2.Jacksonville, FL, USA

3.Boca Raton, FL, USA

4.Tulsa, OK, USA

5.Oklahoma City, OK, USA

6.Miami, FL, USA

7.Gainesville, FL, USA

8.San Juan, Puerto Rico

9.Tampa, FL, USA

10.Orlando, FL, USA

MyFox Kansas City Try It Before You Buy It: MonaVie

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