Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Money Question

Mike Dillard answers "The Money Question". If you're building a business this question will come up:

"When you are just starting out in a new business, how to you respond to a question from a prospect asking how much money you've made"

I think it's safe to say that everyone's been in this position at one time or another.

You've just started your new venture. You're excited and probably a bit anxious.

Maybe you've really put the pressure on yourself to make this happen in a big way.

But, you're still brand new without any results to point to when you start prospecting.

Here is the answer:

"Big Al that's a great question, but unfortunately we can't answer that because the corporate office considers it enticement and I'd lose my business if they found out. (this is true for all companies by the way)

I can tell you this though...

If I wasn't completely content with my XXXXX business, I wouldn't be on the phone with you and I wouldn't be with the company".

I have used a variation of this myself and it goes something like this: I of course mention the above about the "enticement rules" and add the following: "And even if I told you that I was earning $XXXX per week, let's say you get excited and sign-up, tomorrow someone is going to ask you the same question, and what are you going to tell them."

A few other points that Mike makes:

Your prospect doesn't really care about the answer to this question. They're just asking it to test you.

They want to see if you're a leader or not. They want to find out if you'll cave under the pressure of a revealing question and they want to see how you handle yourself in that situation.

Once you adopt the confidence and qualities of an Alpha Networker, they stop asking these questions. You simply don't have to deal with it any more.

The key to making this happen is having posture and confidence from the very first contact.

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