Friday, March 02, 2007

A Better List From Better Universe

Just over a week ago the MLM blog community was all a buzz with the word that Better Universe had shut it doors. A letter from board member Robert Bowen stated among other things:

So it is due to these actions by our previous president, and with a very heavy heart that I must announce the closure of

But just this morning into my inbox comes the following:

From Better Universe Co-Founder Bob Bowen:

This email is being sent only to Better Universe leaders who've built a downline.

My last email to you contained the bad news about the end of our vision for Better Universe. It was hard for me to write that email and the hardest part was knowing that there are so many of you who lost an income and an opportunity for financial freedom in our simple home business.

Aside from the administrative problems we had at Better Universe, it is clear that to be competitive in today’s marketplace, you need more than a concept, you need superior products that produce superior results. So I got to work to find our new business.

The Most Powerful Opportunity In 20 Years
In the last few days I caught up with Phil Zulli, who worked with us at Better Universe in 2005 to revamp our program. Today, Phil is working with a professional, fully-developed network marketing company, with sizzle products, that is still at the beginning of its momentum and yet did over $122 million in sales in 2006! It is very rare to find a proven opportunity and catch it as it’s entering its biggest growth period. And most people still haven't heard of it, or if they do know the name, they don't know how this company has evolved in the last 12 months. That means recruiting is easy; we're catching the big wave.


Well it's good to know Better Universe's genealogy list isn't going to sit around on some hard drive gathering dust! It's being put to work. I wonder if they will let the previous members of Better Universe use it to promote the businesses they have switched to?

I mean isn't that the way Network Marketing is suppose to work? You build a downline using your skills in networking and marketing. You spend your money and your time, and as your network grows, your efforts are multipiled. So who do they think they are? Taking our list, our hours and hours of work, the money we put into this, and using it to their benefit.

It's this kind on #%#@# that gives the industry a black eye.

Building Your MLM, Network Marketing Business: Better Universe Calls It Quits


Aaron Cook said...

Excellent point. They shut the company down, yet they STILL get to benefit from all the work the Better Universe MEMBERS put into it by using the list for their own benefit.

What about all those BU members suddenly left hanging? All that money and work and it's still gonna benefit just the top guys.

You're right Joe; it's this kind of crap that gives MLM/NWM a bad name. I think bob Bowen and others at the top should be held a little more responsible (both financially and legally), rather than being able to turn a quick profit from a company's list. Makes ya wonder if this was planned!

I hope a lot of people go to their Attorney General over this one. I know I would. Also, since service was not rendered as promised, it's fraud, so anyone who paid via a credit card can have monies just have to be tough about it. The cc companies WILL refund to a certain point if they know you mean business.

Shine on,

Joe Roark said...

Thanks for you comments Aaron,

After putting this up earlier I got to thinking about the SURGE in e-mail and phone calls I have been receiving the past couple of weeks. Join this, join that, are your ready for massive spillover, ECT ECT…... and suddenly it all came together. I'm 99.9% sure this information is coming from the BU list. It is already being marketed.

And so now the “leaders” of BU want us to join them in their “new deal”. Yea right, so a year from now they can switch to another company LIST IN HAND!

To top that off the e-mail I got this morning was sent using Better Universe’s domain!

Aaron Cook said...

That really sucks. I'd say to tell them to get you off the list immmediately and not email again. If they do, then you can go after them for spam, which as we all know, is illegal.

I hope they crash and burn real fast. One minute they pull out on people with commissions owed, and the next they try to market them into some other crap? Scumbags, that's what I say.

Shine on,

Aaron Cook said...

BTW, you can also report the domain for spam and the domain hosting company will generally shut it down (at least temporarily) to investigate. :)

Joe Roark said...

the address is ..

The messages are not "can spam" compliant, there are no opt out instructions, and there is no physical address. So yes it would be considered spam, and yes I will mark it as such and let Yahoo know. Thanks Aaron.. BTW they just sent another one out tonight--it said if you join the new deal they will send out an e-mail to 25,000 people for you!