Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kumiko's Cash Quest

Kumiko first came on my blog radar when she wrote a post titled: AGLOCO Will Not Make Money Online! Ever! Needless to say she's not real excited on the prospects of being able to turn a profit with the AGLOCO toolbar. Is she right? Well only time will tell. But her post did create quite a bit of buzz for her, including over 40 comments, and at least 25 other bloggers linking back to her post.

Kumiko is holding a contest right now to predict what her google page rank will be when the next update comes out. According to her post the last pr update was in January and happens about every 3 months. If you want to enter the contest hurry!
We think she will update with a pr4.

Make Money Online at Kumiko's Cash Quest


Paul said...

Kumiko is actually a fraud. That picture is not of her and she's not who she says she is. This will be made public on one of the big blogs soon. Just thought we'd give you a head's up.

Aaron Cook said...

Very interesting. It seems there are many people recently who have the same doubts about her true identity. I've actually commented on a couple of blogs that I wonder if she's really who she says she is. To me, something just kinda seems amiss. But of course, only time will tell. And for now, I could care less.

Incidentally, I see that Google has completely banned her from AdSense as of this week! Interesting as well. Obviously, they discovered something questionable (not that it has to do with her identity).

But again, I could care less. With all the ways to make money online I simply can't be bothered with her total inexperience regarding money-making. Quite simply, her blog is a waste of time.

Shine on,

Joe said...

Hey Aaron, Wow! All this is hitting me and I'm saying WTF. Was I duped, and all the hundreds of people reading that blog and leaving comments and linking back!

It's not like we don't see this all the time and then someone dupes you again.. You would think I would learn. Oh Well

Aaron Cook said...

Hi Joe. Yeah, but she may in fact be who she says she is. All I know is that something strikes me kinda funny. Until I see some personal pictures of her (other than the model-like shot she uses from Asia Friendfinder) I won't be satisfied.

Here's a link to one post I found where the author thinks she's fake:

Also, I'll add that I'm not 100% convinced that she was really banned from AdSense like she says either. I've gotten those same warning letters before and have always been able to fix things quite easily. So she was either REALLY fradulent, or this is just a sneaky marketing trick of hers.

For example, right now she's making a big mention of how she's filling the old AdSense space with free advertising fro blogs and she has Michael Kwan's blog banner up. So I'm wondering if this is just a trick to get a lot more backlinks. My gut says that it is. I hope I'm wrong. All I know is that she'll never get a link from me until she proves she's real.

Shine on,

Aaron Cook said...

Actually, I've done some digging and she was in fact banned from AdSense. But how it wasn't straightened out I don't know. I've had warning letters from Google before and was always able to get things cleared up and back on track.