Sunday, February 11, 2007

Will AGLOCO Work?

I signed up for this like millions of others, but I have begun to ask myself a few questions about how this is going to work after they get the tool bar. Some of my questions are:

Out of 10 people that sign up, how many will still have a valid e-mail?
Out of 10, how many will download the tool bar?
How many will keep the tool bar if they don't make any money after 2 weeks or a month?

Today I came across this article from Kumiko a blogger from Tokyo, and here is what she has to say about AGLOCO:

Unless you've been living under an e-rock, you already know that AGLOGO is a new company that promises to make money for web surfers by displaying a VIEWBAR on the users screen that displays ads and other promotions.

So when John Chow comes out and says that he made $25,000 from the AllAdvantage program (whose founders are now starting AGLOCO), ask yourself how many others had earnings even close to this?

It failed before and it will fail again! There are no noticeable or relevant differences between AGLOCO and the failed AllAdvantage program. Supporters of AGLOCO claim that better targeting technology and affiliate models exist today and this is what makes it different to AllAdvantage.

full text: AGLOCO Will Not Make Money Online! Ever!


Johnny Cash said...

Please check this post on Feburary 5, 2007.

I try to be less objective.

LGR said...

Kumiko is right. AGLOCO will fail, and the only people that might make money are the people that started it.