Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What's On eBay

Whats on eBay this week? Well for starters "Big Al" and he's there in a big way.

Item number: 220078183403 Big Al, Tom Schreiter, MLM Network Marketing, LARGE Lot

This is an ENTIRE collection of Big Al (Tom Schreiter) materials. If you've never heard Big Al speak before, you're in for a treat. He's funny, humorous, jovial, and most of all he's an outstanding networker who doesn't mind sharing all his best secrets.

First, you Get A Large 12 Cassette Set, Big Al's MLM Sponsoring Secrets, Featuring Tom Schreiter - how to attract, educate, and sponsor more prospects into your MLM opportunity!

Next, you get a Second BIG tape set of 8 cassettes, Big Al's SuperSponsoring Workshop, Home Study Version.

And there is a lot more that comes with this auction. It's BIG - lots of neat stuff, and for a lot less than you would pay elsewhere! The current bid is $29.99 and $12.00 shipping. The seller also says this is one of the last auctions they will be listing.

Item number: 200076296929 Teaches you how to kick butt, take names, and write your own paycheck! Hey thats what is says.. The actual title is "Hypnosis Selling & MLM Recruiting Secrets! NLP Hypnosis"

If you would like to be in the top 1% of the world's best sales people, one of the few who make 99% of the money, one of the high-powered, super professionals who can look into the eyes of their clients and boldy proclaim, you are mine!... then this is truly one of the most important letters you will ever read!

I know you have been wondering, and now you will finally know why you can't recruit anyone - you have been using outdated closing techniques like:

· The Ben Franklin Close

· The "Puppy Dog" Close


The starting bid is $39.01 and shipping is $5.00

And finally Item number: 330082611165 Unstoppable Income CD

“Unstoppable Income: The Science of Network Marketing Success” – Building a business should be simple, scientific, and duplicatable. This CD points out the four biggest pitfalls that business owners face and how they can be avoided. I will personally ship this to you, and there is only one catch. You can only request it by subscribing to the Marketing Power newsletter (above) and scrolling down the confirmation web page.

This looks like a fair deal, he is giving the CD away for free, if you sign up for his newletter. So obviously, he is using this to generate some leads. I have seen this CD several places. Might be worth picking one up so you can get the address of the company that sells them and get 10 or so to sell yourself.

This week's total items up for grab was 182, last week there were 210, and the week before 242 auctions were going.

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