Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Generating Leads And Cash Flow For Your Network Marketing Business

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It's been over a year since I started using The Magnetic Sponsoring System as a way to generate leads for my primary business. This very simple program offers so much for so little, and the rewards have been 10-fold.

Everyone needs leads. Take the course, buy the book, and it shows you how to generate leads.

Everyone needs cash flow for their business. Take the course, buy the book, and it shows you how to generate cash flow.

Three of the tools that come with the purchase of the Magnetic Sponsoring System are lead capture pages. It used to be just one, now there are three! You also get access to hours of great training on both online and offline marketing.

Lead Capture #1 The MLM A-Bomb

Lead Capture #3 MLM Traffic Formula

Lead Capture #3 Magnetic Sponsoring Course

Here's a summary from a post I put up back in June of 2006:

Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring Course has been around a few years now. He originally developed it for the exclusive use of his team. Later, he launched it to the world. Even guys "stuck in Amway" could use it.

For Just $19.95 per month, you got two lead-capture pages, and one heck of a tracking system to keep up with all those who signed up to take the "free 10-day mlm boot camp." Also, he would pay you $20 bucks for each person who bought the book. Heck - you make a small profit AND generate some pretty darn good leads. Some are making enough to pay the expenses of their primary program as well.

Mike sent out a message a couple of days ago saying he improved the lead-capture pages, has added a bunch of neat stuff to the course (including an online audio cd to go along with the book), and to top it all off, he has eliminated the monthly $19.95 charge to be an affiliate! It's FREE when you pick up a copy of the Magnetic Sponsoring Course! Oh - and he has improved the back office, which I thought was pretty good already.

So, take the course - it's free.

If you like the info, buy the book. The book is not FREE, but not really expensive. Also, if you're really not cut-out for network marketing, he will give you your money back for the book!!! Finally, set up your own Magnetic Sponsoring Site like mine below, and start generating some leads:

Magnetic Sponsoring Course

Over the next 10 days, you're going to learn...
Discover the tactics and strategies of Magnetic Sponsoring™ which enabled me to build a $250,000 business within 4 months by attracting my prospects and my customers right to me, instead of chasing them down like a sleazy salesman.

How to determine who is in your target market for your product and your opportunity and how to find them. Getting the right message to the right people is half the battle, and guess what: Opportunity leads are not who you should be talking to!

How to become the hunted instead of the hunter, and have customers and prospects literally calling you, with credit card in hand, ready to join.

Magnetic Sponsoring Course

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RAvishanker said...

This is good information about MLM Network Marketing. Three tools lead capture are good for network marketing And the Magnetic sponsoring course.i gone throw all nice information about MLM Network Marketing

Joe Roark said...

Hello Ravishanker, I think the Magnetic Sponsoring course throws nice information too, it also can generate some great leads for your primary business.

Chris Varvaro said...

Thanks For The Great Information.
Good Luck to You.

Health Guy said...

Great review about Magnetic Sponsoring Gotta love this book. Mike did a great job. Good luck!