Sunday, February 18, 2007

Buying Your Own Domain Name

Are you using your company's replicating website to promote your business? You know the kind that has one of those easy to remember addresses like

Think someone is going to remember that? What if you change businesses in 6 months. You handed out 500 business cards with on them, and now your promoting a new opportunity and 500 potential customers can't reach you.

You should check out some of the offerings over at the Domain Name Aftermarket. The advance search feature lets you really drill down for the type of name you are looking for. Here is just a small sample of what I found recently:

Having your own domain give you lots of flexibility in promoting your business.

* You can forward your domain to the page you want your visitor to land on.
* You can register your name and begin to brand yourself.
* If you ever decide to leave the business you may be able to make a small profit off your domain name.

Just a few words of caution before you decide on a name. Most Network Marketing companies have rules against registering a domain that contains their name or any derivation thereof. Be sure and read over your rep agreement. Also I recomend spending a few dollars extra and get a private registration. Keeps prying eyes from looking up your name and address in the whois directory.

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