Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tai Chai MLM Success

Once a week or so, I like to browse through the auctions over at Ebay to see what kind of interesting business-building items people have up for sale. Item # 330068920194 Tai Chai Lessons for Success in MLM - by Eddie Chai:

"Eddy Chai has over 20 years experience in MLM as well as the largest MLM distributorship in Taiwan with over one million members.

Eddy never went to college. He began his working career as an inspector in the Malaysian Police Force, assigned to jungle warfare. After his service, he and his young family emigrated to Vancouver, Canada, where he owned and ran several diners and cafes."

Looks like a good read, and the starting bid is just $1.95.

Item #110074573036 Underpaid and Overtaxed? MLM Recruiting Tape, yes that's right - a tape, not a CD.

"It is a 20 minute taped interview with Sandy Botkin -- a CPA, Tax Attorney, IRS General Counsel and foremost expert on tax deductions for the home-based business owner."

The whole idea is to sell someone on the tax advantages of having a home-based business, and then introduce them to your opportunity. I hope I can find a prospect that still has a cassette player!

And finally item #250068922876 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life:

"This is the classic MLM how-to: the one that started it all and is still a best-seller, for much of what Mr. Failla has to say is timeless. Don Failla is famous for such "household word" phrases as "Own Your Life­, Ask Me How," "sizzle sessions" and much, much more. The famous "Ten Napkin Presentations" form the core of this book. Learn how to present simple, impossible-to-forget images that explain the basics of MLM. It doesn't get any clearer or more concise than Failla's classic."

The auction states it is new and comes from a smoke free home. And you really can start a business on a napkin. Herb Kelleher started Southwest Airlines on a napkin in a San Antonio restaurant in 1971.

Happy Bidding.

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