Monday, October 02, 2006

Ideas From Business Builders For Business Builders

I just found a treasure trove of business building ideas over at my favorite forum, and wanted to share them with everyone:

This thread is a repository for resources & tips from Forum Members which can help other Forum Members manage/build their businesses.....regardless of what their business is.

The tips & resources shared here will focus on "helping others"......posts should cover the educational, informational, & practical aspects of our business efforts. The focus is on what can "benefit others".....not ourselves.

The contribution could be an informational website, downloadable resource, tape, book/ebook/report, radio/TV show, convention/conference/training....or whatever.

If we as a Forum community support this concept then this thread should become the largest and most visited in the Forum. That would shine a bright spotlight on and it's mission within the MLM industry.

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