Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yes, Another Non MLM Post

This is so so funny I wanted to share it here. I guess in a way you could relate this to Networking, if you ever had a sponsor that tried to take control of his or her downline you can probably relate. This is a commercial made in 2001 for EDS showing a group of Cowboys Herding cats.


Rita Earle said...

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Joe Roark said...

Thanks for your nice comments Rita! I love working on my blog. I Started it just over a year ago and really enjoy working on it in my spare time. Here are a couple of other blogs you may want to visit as well: Michael Lemm's Best MLM Resources, Aaron Cook's Home Business Today , Ty Tribble's MultiLeveler

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FreedomFire said...

Hi Joe,

Sorry I didn't drop in sooner. You know how busy I can get (yeah...what an excuse LOL). Anyway, very nice place you have here.

BTW, thansk for giving me a heads up that "Best MLM Resources" made WiredBiz Site Of The Week.

God Bless,

Joe Roark said...

Thanks for stopping by Michael!
Enjoy reading your blog each week.