Monday, September 06, 2010

is fantaz a scam ??

Fantaz (

A new Network Marketing company in pre launch that will apparently be distributing online games, tournament games and fantasy sports via their propriety network.

On the surface it seems like a legitimate business model. Fantaz states there are
217 million gamers world wide,  and that $4 billion is spent annually on fantasy sports.
Fantaz claims their model will push dollars that normally go to the big gaming companies into your pocket.

I have been able to determine the following:

  • The Sept 1 launch has been delayed due to technical issues with the integration of
    some of software components.
  • A new launch date has not been given.
  • They will soon start inviting ZBO's to a private beta to get a more real time / real world testing of the system. They will remedy any problems and invite a much larger group of ZBO's in and repeat the process until they feel they are ready to go for a real public beta and then for a full blown launch.
  •  In less than three weeks there have been almost 7,300 pre-registrations.

All in all it looks like Fantaz a great opportunity for anyone looking to strike it rich in online gaming. The company has signed on a big list of celebrities and according to the last company email has spent 4 yrs and millions of dollars to bring it to where it is today.  Unlike a lot of pre-launch  MLMs whose domain names are registered for 1 yrm does not expire until 2014. It would be nice if the company would add a privacy statement and earnings disclaimer to Also I can find nothing on the people backing and financing Fantaz, can't some of the founders put a bio up on the site?


Jeff Bounds said...

It looks like more hype than anything to me. As you point out there is no information on any of the founders and where these millions of dollars funding the development are coming from.

menos_grande said...

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dean thrumble said...

I have been a member of fantaz for 4 months now and there is no scam. it is one of the fastest growing mlm companies on the market and pays their affiliates month in month out without fail.

owners of the site are very approachable and answer you questions within hours.

try it before you all start shouting scam