Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MLM Forums attacked by Chinese spam bots!

HOME BASED BUSINESS FORUMS  Moderator FreeFireMike is reporting repeated and vicious phishing attacks. He's had it with these foreign spammers, and he's kicking some tires and lighting some fires over it!

It amazes me that folks ignore rules .... post the crap they do .... see the warnings ... get deleted and banned ... and still come back to do it again.

And it's not only the spammers who are feeling the heat:

It would help if the Moderators of individual boards would police their areas more diligently. But that isn't happening. I'm doing it all.

And all you spammers , phishers , and spam bot operators take note of a few other things..... Mike is reminding members of:

I will make you disappear.
I can see all your details 
I'm really pissed 
Read the damn rules Got it?????!!!!!

I myself have never served as a forum administrator.  I'm sure there have to be some benefits that exceed the headaches presented by the spammers. Heck - anyone with an e-mail account or blog has to deal with spam on a regular basis...just hit the delete key and move on.

Also, if you're looking for a good forum to join or you're a Chinese spammer, here is the link:

MLM Forum or 传销论坛

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