Thursday, March 18, 2010

Come Back Jack

Wow, I could not believe my eyes. Jack Weinzierl, a top earner and great leader is calling it quits! Well here it is in his own words:

Jack Weinzierl is No Longer Building a Network Marketing Business
Posted by Jack Weinzierl in EIRO Research

From the subject of this post, you may have thought I was going to go on a long rant about broken promises and all sorts of issues that critics focus on in the network marketing industry.

Actually, I have a great deal of respect for the leaders, companies and products in this industry. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a better company than EIRO Research.

Are there companies that do not reflect excellence in the industry?

Of course, as there are in every industry quite frankly, but the industry provides opportunity to millions of families and product innovation around the world. I will be forever thankful for the friends that I have developed through this industry, over the past 10 years as well.

Here is what it comes down to for me. I stink at network marketing!

It is not the company’s fault, not my upline’s fault and not the products’ fault. I am good on the marketing, SEO and lead generation side, but not very good on the networking side of the equation.

It is called “network marketing” for a reason and quite frankly, it is a relief for me to finally come to have this revelation. I am closing the door to this chapter in my life. I am not a victim. In fact, I have learned more about people and business than I ever did getting my MBA through this industry.

After almost 10 years in this industry, I was thrilled to find a company called EIRO Research where all the components are in place. The one ingredient not in place, however, was my passion to truly do whatever it takes to build a successful network.

I have been praying over this and really seeking His plan for my life. I also realized that anything that was not aligned with that plan was a distraction for me. Maybe you can relate?

I will be focused on SEO, lead generation and iphone/mobile apps for traditional business owners, ministries and Christian authors, as well as for leaders in the network marketing industry for 2010. That is what I am passionate about and where I can have the most impact. It is also what keeps me up until 2 am many mornings.

If you have a business or ministry where you need an SEO optimized blog, a comprehensive SEO and social media plan executed for you generating highly targeted leads, send me an email and let me know about your company. I will be more than happy to give you a F’ree consultation, after I review your business.

I am taking 6 new clients for January, so let me know over the next 48 hours so we can review your business and reserve one of the spots for you. After I review your business for no charge, I will demonstrate how I can put you on page 1 of Google in the ORGANIC search results and I will do so at no charge. Once you see this in action, you will want to engage us to dominate many key words for your business and in your market.

I have few regrets from my years in this industry. I am so thankful and grateful for the friends that have come into my life through this great industry and I am thankful for the skills that I have developed through these businesses that my clients can now benefit from. Every experience, good and bad, was a building block for me.

My one piece of advice for every subscriber and blog reader is find your passion and His plan for your life and remove any distractions. Don’t do anything 1/2 way. I am 42 years young and I have to ask every day if I did everything I could to help others, serve and glorify Him.

If you are looking for a stellar network marketing company, EIRO Research has all 5 key essentials in place. Email me and I can direct you to an excellent representative.

In Service,

Jack Weinzierl, MBA

Were gonna miss you Jack!


Consumeradvocate said...

Hey Joe
You're not the only one who will miss Jack.

He says he stinks at MLM, but he sure did brake some records with Advantage Conferences. I believe
he made over 700K in a 1 to 2 yrs. period.

And he has an MBA also.

The people he brought into Advantage Conferences will surely miss him. Tim Darnell his brother in Christ will miss him.

I am sure that Jack will be back. Such talent cann't remain on the sidelines.

Jackson said...

Jack is back in a big big way: I left the network marketing industry in 2009 planning never to return, but I simply could not ignore the story, life-changing product, and the opportunity here at Evolv Health. I have also watched Garrett and Sylvia for years, and we are truly blessed to be aligned with such leaders and the Team Inspirit culture of servant leadership.