Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Big Fish Games Affiliate PNP Program

One of our favorite affiliate programs is the Big Fish Games PNP program. Casual Gaming has taken off like a rocket the past 10 years and good game content is easily integrated into many sites and blogs.

Here is a summary of the pay plan:

You earn up to 40% of each purchase made by your Referrals.
A 2nd degree Referral (your Referral's Referrals) earns you 6.25% [or 25% of 25% ]of the purchase.
A 3rd degree referral earns you 1.56% [or 25% of 25% of 25%] of the purchases ... and so on to the nth degree.

What we really like are the lifetime residuals, once you refer someone to Big Fish Games their yours for life. Big Fish Games takes care of all the follow up marketing so once you introduce them your job is over.

Big Fish Games also offers a suite of tools to assist you with your customer base - links and banners for your Game Space, Iframes for your website, and Big Fish RSS feeds. The more advanced affiliate can take advantage of their XML data to build a robust affiliate site.

# Earn Up to 40%
# Earn lifetime residuals off the customers you introduce to BFGs
# Access the industry's top casual games before they launch on other sites
# Earn an additional 25% commission when customers introduce BFGs to friends and family through their personal Game Space! (available to all BFGs customers at no additional cost)

Principal Network Partners : My Big Fish Games!

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