Saturday, March 01, 2008

"Magnetic Sponsoring LLC just sent you money with PayPal..."

Just forget for a moment that Mike Dillard offers a lead generation and cash flow system for Network Marketers and that the system retails for less than $40.

Forget that you get a whole bunch of things you need for just $40: a book in the mail, several e-books, the Closed Door audios, lead capture pages, and complete and comprehensive instructions for making it work.

Forget that you are also given access to a state-of-the-art back office system that allows you to track your leads, traffic, and commissions in real time.

Also forget that Mike pays you $20 commission whenever someone purchases the course from your affiliate site and around $200 if they pick up a copy of the MLM Traffic Formula

Because not only does he do all those things, but he pays his commissions FAST! For example: today is Saturday, March the 1st. Most people are busy enjoying their weekend, right? But not Mike and his staff - they are working hard and fast to make sure they paid all of us (MS affilates)TODAY when most affiliate managers are on the Golf Course! Thanks, Mike - and thanks to your hard-working staff.

Have you picked up of a copy of Mike's program yet? Here's the link: Magnetic Sponsoring.

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