Sunday, December 16, 2007

What is Magnetic Sponsoring

I thought I would give my readers a more comprehensive look at the Magnetic Sponsoring program from Mike Dillard. What inspired me to do this was a recent search query on my blog traffic report. A reader came to my blog via a search on Google for "what is magnetic sponsoring." So, just exactly what is Magnetic Sponsoring?

Simply put, Magnetic Sponsoring is a lead generation and cash flow system designed for Network Marketers from all companies. We all need leads, and we all need cash flow. Cash flow is especially important when you're trying to get your business off the ground. Generating your own fresh leads is much more rewarding than purchasing leads. The MS system also teaches you how to Sponsor. Hey, you can generate leads all day, but if you can't sponsor anyone...!

I could go into the history of Magnetic Sponsoring,
and if you are really interested in the history, Mike talks about it in the book. For example, Mike was waiting tables and struggling with his network-marketing business. But now, when he sees a sports car he likes, they deliver it to his front door three weeks later!

Recently, the MS system also got a complete makeover and was relaunched as MS 3.0. There are some great new tools, such as a completely new state-of-the-art back office that allows you to track your traffic, leads, and commissions in real time.

This is one of the lead-capture pages that comes free with the affiliate system. The commission on this product is around $200!!

The new back office for MS 3.0 is created so that you can get started immediately in utilizing the system. The affiliate links page lists all the capture pages now available. More are coming! Including the much-anticipated Black Belt Sponsoring Course!

In addition to the Magnetic Sponsoring book that you receive by mail, your back office in packed full with other goodies! The MLM Domain Secret e-book itself is worth the cost of the entire Magnetic Sponsoring system!

The is the lead capture page I currently use - it works great:

In summary:

  • Magnetic Sponsoring is a lead generation and cash flow system for Network Marketers.
  • The system retails for less than $40.
  • You get a whole bunch of things you need for just $40: a book in the mail, several e-books, the closed door audios, lead capture pages, and complete and comprehensive instructions for making it work.
  • You also are given access to a state-of-the-art back office system that allows you to track your leads, traffic, and commissions in real time.
  • Also, Mike pays you $20 commission whenever someone purchases the course from your affiliate site and around $200 if they pick up a copy of the MLM Traffic Formula.

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Mark McCullagh said...

Nice review.

I really like the Magnetic Sponsoring system as well.

Joe said...

Thanks for your kind words words Mark, have a happy and safe holiday.


Anonymous said...

Joe, I agree with you about Magnetic Sponsoring being a wonderful lead generation and sponsoring system. Mike has done wonders for my whole business model. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Joe said...

Your Welcome Stacie, Thanks for dropping by. There is actually a new lead capture page that Mike introduced just recently that I did not get to include in my review: Building On A Budget

All The Best