Saturday, December 01, 2007

Ten Reason Why The Monavie MLM is Not A Scam

Acai Berry Juice Information: Ten Reasons Why the MonaVie MLM / Network Marketing Model is not a Scam

One of the most obvious objections to MLM or Network Marketing, is that it's a scam. People have a lot of varying opinions on what constitutes a scam. On Ty Tribble's
, there is a heated multi-month discussion concerning MonaVie being a pyramid scheme or MLM scam.

The discussion wanders into many areas concerning nutrition, effectiveness of the product, comparisons to competing products etc., but still keeps hammering home that MonaVie and MLM is a scam.

Some common arguments included in the post and what I hear from people are:

"It's a legalized scam."

"It's a pyramid scheme."
"All the company want to do is sell material, they aren't really interested in selling a product."
"Really, all they want you to do is sign up people."
"If they were a real company, they would put their product out in the traditional retail market where it stands on its own."
" You're going to alienate your friends and family."
"You're friends are just really high-pressure sales people."
"If you really believed in the product, you would try to sell it retail."
"These health products are way over-priced. You can get the same product at Costco."

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