Monday, November 05, 2007

Mike Dillard Launching Magnetic Sponsoring 3.0

Magnetic Sponsoring

Watch out Ann Sieg, Mike Dillard just announced that on November 14th he will be relaunching his Lead Generation and cash flow system.

In the coming days leading to Wednesday the 14th, I’ll be sharing some of the most important features of the new system with you, including details about the new compensation plan that pays out on two levels, the five new products you’ll be able to earn a commission on, (including Black Belt Recruiting), and the brand new affiliate link feature that will allow you to build your own list while using the system.

A few other details mentioned:

Free to anyone who’s purchased a copy of the Magnetic SponsoringCourse.

No monthly fees to pay, and if you already have an existing system account, you’ll be upgraded automatically on the day of the launch at no cost.

If you don’t have an account, you can get one today just by picking up a copy of the Magnetic Sponsoring book for less than $40. It’s a physical course that will be shipped to your home, and you’ll have instant access the new system when it launches on the 14th.

Mike also says in his press release that if you pick up your copy now, you can participate in the launch of “Black Belt Recruiting” on November 27th, which promises a windfall of profits for affiliates.

The course comes with a 90-day money back guarantee so there really nothing to lose, and with all the exciting changes coming up this is a great time to get onboard.


Tony Zayas said...

The new Magnetic Sponsoring site is great! It really creates a community and promotes internet relationship marketing.

I'm looking forward to Mike Dillard's next production.

Thanks for the update.

Tony Zayas

Joe said...

Thanks for stopping by Tony, You may not have to wait long. Black Belt Sponsoring should be out soon!

I wish has Mike would fire his lawyer, the new Magnetic Sponsoring was going to be a 2-tier affiliate system which would of had the potential to really create some nice income streams for your primary business! At the last minute they pulled the plug on it. Other than that it's a powerful funded sponsoring system.

All The Best