Saturday, October 13, 2007

Build Your Own Marketing List

My good friend Mike Glaspie recently sent me a message about a new service he has just launched called MyMegaList. Many of you have heard of Mike, if you haven't you have probably come across some of his other marketing systems:

These are just a few of his other successfull marketing sites. Heres some more info from Mike:

"You MUST build and mine your own list."

In other words, develop an email subscriber list of people you can communicate with regularly who are more likely to purchase from you than any "cold lead" obtained through co-registrations or purchased lists or rented lists.

You MUST have your very own MyMegaList!

For most, this is a daunting, if not overwhelming task! Because while sending email is inexpensive, sending it to a LARGE subscriber list requires technical know-how and technological investment most are unable to obtain, or simply don't know where to start.

But now there is a simple way to start building your own list, with the built-in ability to mail to all your subscribers on a regular basis. Imagine being able to send your message to thousands of ready and eager subscribers EVERY SINGLE WEEK... all with the simple click of a mouse! And get this... IT'S FREE!!!

A unique list building program unlike all others

With MyMegaList, not only can you grow and mail to a massive list all on your own, you can actually LEVERAGE your referred subscribers into an even BIGGER list! That's because all your subscribers can refer other subscribers and all of these are also placed in your distribution list automatically! This goes on for FIVE FULL TIERS!

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