Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sumner Redstone's anti-agingin secret- Monavie

I just received a message from a member of the Monavie upline "Scott Olson": This was recent article
from Talking about how Sumner Redstone is using Monavie.

At a recent party, Redstone gave bottles to Bill Clinton and celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck. "Just about every friend I have is on it," Redstone says - a group he says includes Viacom and CBS board members as well as cancer survivor and former junk-bond king Michael Milken. (It can also be found in the clubhouse of the Boston Red Sox; pitcher Jonathan Papelbon is a fan.)

Sumner Redstone's anti-aging secret - Aug. 24, 2007

MLM & Pyramid Scams: Monavie fans: Bill Clinton, Wolfgang Puck and more

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Rob said...

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