Sunday, July 08, 2007

Perry Marshall -- Great Newsletter

I get lots of marketing info in my inbox. One I always read is Perry Marshall. Enjoy


Today, some links to some really useful sites:

-One of my all-time Favorite Keyword Research
Tools, especially adept at locating tiny, unexploited
"nano-niches." Watch the demo here:

-John Fox's superb Marketing Playbook -
102 highly succinct 1-page marketing strategies.
For a couple years was $39 on Amazon, but now
free online and fully updated for '07:

-Save Up To 50% on FedEx shipping.
Just like using only less expensive:

-The Guru Glut: John Carlton rants about
Teachers, Guides, Wise Men and Sherpas:

-Perry goes to India: Last month I hung out in the 2nd
busiest country in the world. Tiny taste of a huge culture:

-Get THE most important report I ever wrote
in my snail-mail print newsletter, in 5 years...
and a subscription to Mastermind Club, plus
2 DVD's, 4 CD's and my AdWords Blackbelt Course,
just for saying "maybe":

In coming weeks - watch for more episodes
of mystery, suspense and intrigue.
Same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel.

Perry Marshall

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