Saturday, June 02, 2007

usana -Bidding War

Usana battling for it's existence after short-seller Barry Manikow's report was published back in February appears to be in a key word bidding war of sorts with Manikow who is running PPC ads for his Fraud Discovery report on Usana.
usana - Google Search

Usana has launched

Google does not publish the prices that bidders are paying for keywords but after some experimenting with my own adwords account using the keyword usana I determined it would take between $2.50 and $3.00 to achieve the top positions.

Bidder Barry Manikow apparently is not willing to spend top dollar to maintain top ranking and his PPC ad for his sits around number 7. I wonder if Barry Manikow will ever reveal how much he has made off his short position in USANA? The stock which actually went up for several days after Manikow's report hit on Feb 20th closed on Friday at $37.18, it was at $61.50 per share on Feb 22nd.

Usana apparently thinks the battle will be short lived. I checked the whois records for the new Usana domain names and found they were created in March of 2007 and will expire in March of 2008. The corporate domain created in 1996 will expire in 2009.

Manikow's was created in 2001 and expires later this year.

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