Sunday, June 24, 2007

U.S. Internet defamation suit tests online anonymity

As interesting as it has been with USANA and Burnlounge being on the hot seat here these past few months this article really caught my attention because it brings up an issue that is long overdue.

It happens daily in the Network Marketing industry. Someone makes a lot of money and builds a huge business, and a group of no name thugs go to work destroying their reputations on forums and sites like s c a m . c o m . The traffic to these sites creates plenty of revenue for these site owners who have a vested interest in seeing innocent peoples reputation's destroyed.

Lets hope that this case sets the precedent and forces some of these anonymous bashers to pay up for a change.

BOSTON (Reuters) - It bills itself as the world's "most prestigious college discussion board," giving a glimpse into law school admissions policies, post-graduate social networking and the hiring practices of major law firms.

But the AudoAdmit site, widely used by law students for information on schools and firms, is also known as a venue for racist and sexist remarks and career-damaging rumors.

Now it's at the heart of a defamation lawsuit that legal experts say could test the anonymity of the Internet.

U.S. Internet defamation suit tests online anonymity | Reuters

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