Thursday, May 17, 2007

Summer Slowdown?

School is almost out, and all Network Marketers know what that means: the slow months of summer are upon us. Well, do yourself a favor, and don't let the summer slow-down put you behind in building your business. Head on over to Fast MLM Leads.

Fast MLM Leads offers:

Income Seeker Leads
Phone-Interviewed Leads
Survey Leads
Leads by Gender
Local Leads

Fast MLM Leads guarantees their leads to be:

Not Oversold
Genuine home-business seekers who want to hear about your offer

Now, if you've never purchased leads before, don't worry. They have a great training program that you can sign up for - and it's free. The course is designed to help you with your cold-calling and closing skills.

Here are some great testimonials from a few current customers:

As a top networker in my company, I have used Fast MLM Leads for 2 plus years now.

I endorse Fast MLM because their service is outstanding, the quality of leads are always fresh, and they are very competitive.

O H Brown

Wow is all I can say, I started on your leads last month and with my first order of 20 phone-interviewed leads, I had 4 sign up on the first call and had 5 set appointments, who since have signed up as new business partners.

R Anderson

So head on over and see all the offerings. Whether you're looking to build locally or nationwide, I'll bet you'll find some great leads.

1 comment:

starleads said...

buying leads for mlm does nt sound like a good deal to me. you can buy hot leads and still get no conversions if dont have something good to offer or if you dont know how to offer a value. If the leads were so good, the guy selling them would have been a multimillionaire just by working on those leads by himself.