Sunday, May 13, 2007

MonaVie Roundup

If you have been seeing a few changes with the packaging of MonaVie bottles -- there were a few hiccups in customs recently, and because they were unable to secure the shipment in a timely manner, it became necessary for them to temporarily produce finished product in clear bottles.

While you may notice a difference in the bottle color and cap, they assure that the product itself has not been altered in any way. It is the same quality and volume of product that people have been receiving in previous orders.

To keep up with MonaVie's unprecedented growth, they are currently investing heavily in their supply chain. Even with increasing demand for our product, they also do not anticipate experiencing another issue like this in the future.
From MonaVieJuiceActive

On MonaVie's unprecedented growth, it seems there was a programming glitch last week that allowed everyone who logged into their back office to see all sign-ups company-wide for the past week. I'm being told that just shy of 10,000 distributors joined between May the 4th and May The 11th! Now, of course, some of those sign-ups could have been retail customers just purchasing product, but that still puts them in a phenomenal growth phase to issue nearly 10,000 new IDs in 1 week! The latest distribtutor ID# I saw was up around 375000. I guess this could be called a programming glitch, or maybe it was an attempt for some free publicity on MonaVie's part. As a private company, they choose not to release sales or growth numbers. They do, however, leak tidbits of infomation out on conference calls and live meetings, and now it seems through the distributor back office.

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