Friday, January 12, 2007

What's Hot Over At The Domain Name After Market

Looking for a domain name for your online business? Then you should check out some of the offerings over at the Domain Name Aftermarket. The advance search feature lets you really drill down for the type of name you are looking for. Here is just a small sample of what I found tonight:

Have fun looking at all the offerings. Also, if you already have or are considering purchasing a domain, read this article:

This IS Scary: Is your domain safe from predatory lawsuits?

You have big hopes of being an online superstar and bigger dreams of making your fortune doing what you love and helping people.
You buy your $5.99 domain and devote several weeks to crafting your marketing message and putting all the pieces together so it all works to pull in orders like clockwork, day in, day out.

You also put your domain out there in a big way, doing everything by the book to get viral traffic, search engines, pay per click, articles, affiliates all promoting your site...

Because you know the work you do once puts your domain out there and draws floods of people to your site for years to come.

Then one e-mail comes threatening to take it all away in a heartbeat.

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