Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What's On Ebay

In this week's edition of what's for sale on Ebay, I am actually going to show some items from Yahoo! Auctions yes that other auction site....

Auction ID #: 211731499 An Established MLM Network Marketing Downline

Established position in nutrition mlm with over 300 reps/customers. Volume is $14,000 /month after just 11 months. Award-winning upline will train buyer to successfully market on the Internet. A rep in the downline earned the last incentive. Contact me for detailed documentation.

Now before you get out your credit card, that is $14,000 in volume, not income. I myself am curious as to what is up with this. People sell great businesses all the time for various reasons: health, divorce, death, etc etc. But I would do my due diligence on this type of item.

Auction ID #: 110602817 MLM Secrets Retire in 5 Years or LessvWith Resell Rights

Brian Garvin Reveals ...How To Make (At Least) $30,000 InResidual Income Every Single Month With Online Network Marketing"

(Order Today And You Get The Rights to Sell ThisPowerful Resource and Keep ALL the Profits!)

The current bid on this item is 1.98, and you could turn around in 20 minutes and have your own auction up selling it yourself generating some leads for your business. All in all, looks like a good read. Tthe auction also says the book will:

Discover what skills you need to make a winning MLM team.

How to brand your name for big money online.

How to create your own high quality leads

How to buy your way to the top of any comp plan

And that is it for Yahoo! Auctions,because they only had 5 auctions up, and 3 were not really related to Network Marketing...

eBay on the other hand currently list 210 items, last week at this time there were 242 items up for grab....

Here is one that REALLY caught my attention:

Item # 220076729305 RARE Upline Network Marketing MLM Lot Success Wealth

Upline Magazine Special Reports

They're engaging, fun to read, and LOADED with great advice, tips, tricks, secrets and techniques for building your business better, faster, and stronger. Best of all they cut straight to the heart of the matter. No need to read an entire book to gleen the nuggets of gold, they're right here in plain site.And when these were available, Upline actually ENCOURAGED distributors to give copies of these to their downline members, to both instruct and motivate them! (This is how they increased their subscriber base to their magazine.)
As far as I know, these reports are no longer available, which is a real shame. They are, in my opinion, the best of the best in MLM "how-to."

This auction is really long, and includes not only these flyers but several books and audio cassettes including:

The Concept of "The People's Franchise," The next step in the evolution of free enterprise by John Milton Fogg.

A copy of The Greatest Network in the World, a Network Marketing Fable by John Milton Fogg. If you're wondering what a "fable" has to do with your business, the answer is EVERYTHING. Great book, in excellent condition. Purchased for $9.95.

This auction ends on Feb-04-07 17:41:04 PST (3 days 22 hours), so get on over and take a look at this... Wow just $29.99 plus $9.00 shipping.

I have no financial interest in any of these auctions.....just stuff I find interesting, and may be helpful to your business....

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