Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This Week's "What's On Ebay"

Here are a few items for sale on Ebay that will help build your biz.

Item # 180076076988 Network Marketing Board Game

The NetMillionaire Training System ...
• Releases the entrepreneurial spirit
• Out of the box fun, or customizable
• Gets your business on duplicating-autopilot
• Attracts potential prospects as easily as a moth to light
• ALL with absolutely NO financial risk

Well since it puts your business on duplicating-autopilot I may bid on this. It currently retails for $147.00 and the starting bid is $86.00 plus $14.55 shipping.

Item #320073587447 THE WOMANS TAPES

Right now, what you are getting are 6 cassettes of John Milton Fogg (google him and Upline Magazine) interviewing top women networkers "The Womans Tapes" - especially for those who prefer cassette tapes and want to improve your marketing to women, and increase your income from MLM / network marketing in 2007!

I tried to find other copies of these great tapes - no luck. Upline is gone and I guess that those who have copies are keeping them!

The majority of Networkers are women. Now hear from six of the best.

This looks like a great item to have in your collection and the starting bid is a whopping .97 cents!

Item #250075350001 Jerry "DRhino" Clark Murphy's Committee

Here's the kind of information you'll discover on this full-length CD:

Exactly how society conditions most people to be "cows"... and fools the majority into a lifetime of survival -- rather than abundance!

How the game of life (and business) is a lot like the game of football! (Without the resistance of an opposing force, there's no challenge and no thrill of victory!)

The current bid on this item is $2.99 and $4.00 shipping cost.

And Finally Item #160077045047 Bob Crisp MLM Heavy Hitters

Many MLM Gurus, including Dale Calvert, Mark Yarnell and many others have stated publicly that Bob Crisp's book "Raising a Giant" is the best book on Network Marketing they have ever read.

Now you have a RARE opportunity to view a unique, one of a kind 2 hour training by the Heavy Hitter's mentor

In 1998 I had alot of people in my downline that were earning $100,000+ a year and were spending their time at the golf course, lake, and other reacreational activities. At that time we hired Mr. Bob Crisp to speak at our National Conference. DALE CALVERT

Earning $100,000 a year and out on the golf course!

The starting bid is $17.77 and shipping cost is $3.10 nad this is a DVD

Hey look some of these items over. There were 242 items up for auction when I posted this. Some are not that unique, just your basic cookie cutter lead generation systems, and then there are some rare items a bargain prices.

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