Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Rants and Raves

I usually don't post on Sunday. My adorable wife, who is now 13 weeks pregnant with our first, has me working around the house today to get things ready for the coming week. I am happy to help her.

I try to stay positive (for the most part) on this blog. However, when I stopped to check my e-mail messages this morning, I started getting fed up with people promoting their program as "this is not mlm." OK, by my definition, if you join a business opportunity, and then you want someone else to do the same thing as you did, then you're promoting an MLM program.

If you join an affiliate program, and you only get paid if someone makes a purchase, and there is no recruiting involved, then I would say that meets the definition of a "non-mlm" program. Of course, you would not have to put that disclaimer on your site, because all you're doing is trying to sell product - which brings me back to my original argument that when you say your program is not MLM, it probably actually is about 99.9% of the time.

Now here's what I'm talking about - I get a message from someone this morning letting me know they are working with Mike Dillard:

Last week I e-mailed you some exciting information on a new project Kimberly and I are working on. We are very fortunate to be directly working with Mike Dillard on this.

So I go over to Mike's site,, and read a little:

It's also important to know that...

This business is NOT MLM.

This business is extremely lucrative, with $30,000 to $100,000 per month potential in months instead of years. My partners and I simply don't have the luxury of investing our time into anything else without that kind of return which is why we don't do MLM anymore.

So - why are people who are "Working With Mike Dillard" e-mailing me to work with them if it is not an MLM program?!

Ok - just a few other thoughts:

Quit selling people on the idea that they will get rich from "massive spillover from our 3X7 matrix" and "let us build your international binary power leg" and other such nonsense.

I do not claim to be an expert on Network Marketing pay plans. But I do know this:

1. We earn money by retailing our products.
2. We make money from our efforts and the efforts of our personally enrolled down-line.
3. We make a sliver of income, if any, from any matrix and binary spillover. Yes, if a matrix ever reaches its full potential, there is some nice income, but how often does that happen????

By the way, I am not slamming Mike's program. I am sure it is a great program. I have used his Magnetic Sponsoring program for a little over a year now with good results. I'm not sure I have exclusive use of the leads I generate, but that is a subject for another rant and rave at a later date.

I hope your NFL team wins today! Watch out for Dallas next year!


Aaron Cook said...

Good post Joe. There's definitely too much hype these days - and this is another good example of it.

It's a shame that people still try to sell prospects on the idea of massive spillover and the "let us build it for you" crap. It doesn't happen, plain and simple.

All it leads to is a bunch of people who've joined, then very quickly drop out because they don't make any money and realize that they were told a bunch of lies and hype. And then it gets posted everywhere on the Internet for all future prospects to see.

This goes right along with my post on whether or not selling "The Dream" ethical.

And in my opinion, it's not.

Anyway, good post. And good on you for not contributing to the hype.

Shine on,

Joe said...

Thanks for you kind words Aaron. Every person that leaves the industry with a bad experience tells 10 friends and they tell 10 friends........ Thats not what we need. The industry is poised for massive growth in the years ahead and we need to lead by example.

Warmest Regards,