Sunday, January 14, 2007

Getting Your Message Out

With PPC cost for popular key words like MLM , and Network Marketing soaring to over $1.50 per click, finding effective low-cost advertising is more important than ever.

Well help is here in the form of Cheap Home-Made Amateur Videos. Sites like YouTube and Google Video are making uploading your own videos a snap.

Consider the success of Comedian Frank Caliendo , one of his video's on Google Video has received nearly 3 million views. If just one percent of those viewers visit his site thats 30000 visits. If he were using PPC at $1.50 a pop he would have spent $45000.00. And uploading his video was free. His stuff is great by the way!

So hows the competition for space on Google Video?
Well consider that doing a search for MLM on Google brings back 1,430,000 results, do a search for MLM on Google Video and I came up with 167. So there is a high probablilty that someone is going to watch your video. They even let you put a link to your website above your video so the visitor can click right to your space. You may not get 3,000,000 views, but some that I saw had over 1000!

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Roy said...

That's an interesting idea. Wonder if anyone else has thought of this...