Monday, October 09, 2006

Things to Avoid in Network Marketing, Courtesy of Dave Stone Via Ty Tribble

No blogger in Network Marketing keeps me as engaged as Ty Tribble. His Multileveler is the nerve center of Network Marketing blogs. It's a "must" read if you want to open yourself up to new channels of information.

Today, he shared a post from his good friend Dave Stone. Dave's post, Some things worth avoiding in your MLM business, is one of those rare jewels that you want to print and keep with you at all times, like folded neatly in your wallet or purse so you can take it out to review it at every opportunity. Here's the first 2:

#1 Discounting Your Value:

When speaking to a prospect, don't undercut the value of your time or information. Everyone's time is valuable and we're ALL busy. If you say things like "I know you're busy and I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me", though it is respectful and conversational, it tends to lessen the value of your time. It can give the perception of neediness and a lower self-confidence.

#2 Trying To Convince:

Your business opportunity may not be right for them. Don't try to talk them into something that they may not be able to envision. You may be able to get them to enroll, but they will tax your time in the long run most of the time. If you talk them into the business, you'll be needing to talk them into trying some of the products. Then you'll be having to talk them into all the other business activities necessary for their success. Either they'll see it or they won't.

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