Sunday, October 22, 2006

Monavie Achieves 21 Months Of Record Growth, Wants To Take Stock Public

Mona·Vie™ reps around the country have enjoyed 21 months of record growth.

One feature that makes this Juice Giant unique is their willingness to share that growth with distributors. The company has plans to take the stock public at some point, which would be a huge benefit for distributors. Lets face it...a privately held network marketing company is great if you are an investor or stockholder and know what's happening on a daily basis. But that inability to share information with distributors is a big turn-off for many.

Some would argue that public network marketing companies are not beneficial to distributors because maximizing shareholder value might supercede distributor rights. Well, here's some news for you: private network marketing companies are comprised of...guess what - "shareholders" by law - up to 500 of them. The major difference is their stock is not traded on a market.

Mona·Vie™ is so serious about making their distributors partners, that President Dallin A. Larsen also announced an extension to the Mona·Vie™ stock option program for distributors.

In my 17 years in this business, I can’t recall an incentive program that has created the type of company growth and industry buzz as we’ve created through our Ruby Stock Option Program. I’ve said before that this program was designed to reward the early pioneers of this company, and I believe we’ve accomplished our goal.

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