Saturday, September 09, 2006

Great Western

My friend and veteran actor Billy Joe Martinez just sent a message about this
great Movie, featuring a lot of Texas Talent. The director will even be at the Theater in Plano today.

Matthew Marconi’s film TRUCE will be shown at the Angelika in
Plano from Fri September 8 through Wed September 13.

Gary Cogill will be reviewing this film on Good Morning Texas (WFAA
Channel 8) on Fri September 8 and also on Daybreak (WFAA Channel 8)
on Sat September 9 at 8:20 am. His review will also be posted on

TRUCE stars Western artist and veteran actor Buck Taylor (Harry
Dodds) as an aging rancher who struggles to hold onto his ranch and
raise the granddaughter that he hardly knows following the death of
his estranged daughter, Susan, played by Scarlett McAlister
(Wildfire, The Missing). Susan is a victim of a drunk driver in an
automobile accident following an emotional confrontation with her
father. In the hospital, Harry accepts Susan’s deathbed request
that he take her teenage daughter to his ranch and raise her.

In a memorable cameo appearance, Oscar-winner George Kennedy (Cool
Hand Luke) plays Susan’s doctor who is unable to save her life,
leaving Dodds to care for his granddaughter Jenny (played by Samantha
Droke in her film debut). Harry's friends and business associates
stand by Harry through the trials and tribulations in ranching life.
Barry Tubb as A.D. is a true, devoted friend in helping Harry through
his struggles. Brad Johnson as Duane Edwards gives a nice touch in a
surprise end. Harry’s friend Melody Price, played by Angela
Lange, helps to illustrate the ongoing conflicts in Harry’s
life and how he tries to combine gentleness with strength in coping
with his problems. The film also re-unites Buck Taylor with Scarlett
McAlister, who co-starred in the independent film, Screen Door Jesus.

Filmed in Northern California on Fuji 35mm, Truce is an excellent
example of how creative photography, combined with skillful editing
and an outstanding score (written by Robert Gulya and masterfully
performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra,) can result in a
product that is beautiful to the eyes, ears and heart.

Truce revives cinematic art’s ability to depict real-life
heroes and the nobleness of man. The film speaks to our basic human
desire for community and home, and our need for self-acceptance,
self-reliance and hope.

TRUCE TRAILER - Anthem Pictures

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Dephis said...

I am so excited for this film to be released. I am a huge fan of Matthew Marconi's work. He has such tremendous passion and ability for capturing the moment and making you the viewer feel as if you are truly a part of the movie. Truce also has a great story line with talent of all levels surrounding this film.