Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Becoming A Talent Scout vs. A Recruiter

Sue Seward is an Internet Business Consultant, entrepreneur, wife and mom, and has been earning an income for five years from home. She is also a published writer and speaker. This is one of the better articles I have seen on how to build your business.

Becoming A Talent Scout vs. A Recruiter

After being in this industry for over 12 years I've learned a lot about people and about myself.

One of the most important things that has happened for me is self development. Folks this IS the ONE thing that HAS to happen before you will become successful in anything you attempt to do.

You must first build yourself and your own talents! When this happens you all of a sudden develop posture.

What is posture?

It's when you have so much confidence in yourself and what you're doing that you begin to look for talented people to join with you in your business and you're not afraid to talk to the most
successful and talented people you run into. You become a talent scout vs. a recruiter. When I first started out in this business I was a recruiter. Everyone I saw or ran into was a prospect. No matter who they were or what sort of attitude they had I was determined to RECRUIT every single person that I saw or talked to.

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