Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Little hinges swing very big doors

If you use PPC in building your online business then I highly recommend you take his course: 5 Days To Success With Adwords
Perry is the PPC guro! If you follow what he says you can make your PPC ads work for you.

Enjoy this piece from his latest newsletter:

As fate would have it, the fundamental unit
of persuasion on the web today is the pithy
4-line Pay Per Click ad, with a scant 120
characters of text.

Isn't it remarkable how those tiny little snippets
of copy are the basis of a $10 billion plus industry!

Why are Google's ads such a perfect size
that even Yahoo switched over to the same

'Cuz 120 characters is the exact size of
a busy clicker's attention span. About
2 seconds, by my reckoning. And now for
four years I've been discovering just how
incredibly responsive people are to the
tiniest nuances of those ads.

Little hinges swing very big doors.

That first message is the DNA of every click
that follows, and what works in a tiny Google
ad provides valuable clues to what will
sell on your landing pages and sales pages.

That's why Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero and I are
going to be discussing the fine art of Hot
Copy in a teleclinic on Monday August 14
at 4pm EST / 3pm CST / 1pm PST:


This session will focus on the fact that
most online entrepreneurs "try too hard"
to write copy - and turn off customers
in the process. Topics will include:

-"Politically correct" copywriting dogma vs.
real-world testing

-The "Reality is no match for a good fantasy"
principle - turned completely on its head

-What matters and what doesn't in simple
online testing - and how to make your
website get better and better every month

-The Unlimited Traffic Technique: a step
by step process for dominating any market

Lorrie is a Sassy Sweetheart who's going
to add her own set of punches to our conversation.
A good time will be had by all, I promise.

This teleclinic is a ramp-up to Lorrie's
Speed Copywriting Workshop in Southern
California September 14-16, where I will be speaking.
Between now and then she's doing a series of
no-cost clinics with super-sharp marketers and
if you register you'll get call-in details for all of them:

Copywriting for Dollars

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