Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Interview with an MLM Millionaire: Bob Schmidt of XanGo

If you want to hear first hand how Bob Schmidt has built a huge Xango business then you will want to spend 60 minutes listening to this revealing interview. Atticus Killough interviewed Bob back in 2004 and has the interview broken down in 10 parts.
Here is a sample:

Part 1: How Many People does it take To Make It Big in MLM?

Part 2: How Do I Find Good People?

Part 7: Tax Benefits and Tax Strategies (-- or -- How to "Fail" and still put $5K in your Pocket Immediately)

"On Feb. 4th, 2004 I had the good fortune of meeting up with Bob Schmidt, my upline in XanGoTM. Bob has been in network marketing for 33 years and is a 7-figure earner in this industry.

For a lousy $12.92 (the cost of our meal at Denny's) I was able to glean thousands of dollars worth of valuable, cutting edge information."

Atticus Killough interviews Bob Schmidt of XanGoTM

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