Friday, July 28, 2006

How would you like to end cold prospecting once and for all?

Cruising the online auctions from time to time is a great way to find out what’s hot in Network Marketing. You can find anything from the latest in recruiting DVDs, distributors trying to unload their latest auto-shipment of Juicy Wonder Juice, to vintage 1999 issues of Network Marketing Magazine.

I ran across one eBay seller called Income-Solutions and noticed that not only did he have his own eBay store, but that he had over 30 auctions going! Nowhere on his auctions could I find his real name - “something that people do want to know before they network with you”. So I will just call him by his eBay seller name: Income-Solutions.

story begins when he joins a network marketing company in May of 2005. He did not work his business for the first few months, and when he became active, he had limited success. And then wham! On Christmas day 2005, a big-hitter signed up under him, and now his residual income has exploded to over $1000.00 per month - just from the big-hitter's efforts. In Income-Solutions' own words:

“The beauty of it is that I did not have to chase him down. In fact, I've never even spoken to the guy. He was already interested in joining my company; I simply implemented the necessary promotion method to get him on my website before he discovered someone else’s website.”

Now that is about as simple as it gets. Find people who are already interested in joining your company and just get them to your site before someone else does!

With this many auctions going, Income-Solutions has to be generating some good-quality leads. Take a look at his store and see what you think.

And the vintage magazines looked pretty cool. That auction # is 200010388146.

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