Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Helping Bloggers Earn More

Darren Rouse is the guy behind ProBlogger.com. Darren is a full-time blogger living in Melbourne.

He has some great information for beginning bloggers or the seasoned professional.

Darren got his start blogging back in 2002, and has never looked back. If you are trying to get more income from your Network Marketing blog, head on over to ProBlogger.com and look over some of his articles.

Micheal Lemm has posted an interesting piece on his Best MLM Resources Blog about genealogy leads:

One last thing...it ultimately comes down to making the calls PERIOD...and having the skills to do something with the prospect once you get them on the line no matter how you got their name and number. No matter what list their actions originate from - the great recruiters are the same in that they set themselves apart from the field by consistently making the calls and developing their phone skills so they can develop a repoir[rapport] with the prospects almost within seconds of the call beginning.

I also ran across an interesting post on Kim Klaver's blog.

Here is a partial list of the top 50 Network Marketing Companies based on internet popularity:

1. Success University 2,212
2. Avon 3,651
3. Usana 5,590
4. Quixtar 7,436
5. Melaleuca 8,881
6. Mary Kay 9,238
7. Prepaid-Legal 9,635
8. Arbonne 12,576
9. Herbalife 20,792
10. Scent-Stations 21,327
11. Shaklee 22,808 +1
12. Freelife 23,683 +2
13. Tupperware 24,360
14. Juvio 24,514 -3

For the complete list, just follow this link:

Network Marketing for Women - New School of Network Marketing by Kim Klaver: Top 50 Network Marketing Companies: Week 2 (7-8-06).

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