Thursday, June 29, 2006

More MLM Hype From The Gas Savers

Hello MLM 911,

Help!!!!! Another Gas MLM is going into pre-launch!!

Why is it that some in the Network Marketing Industy think we WANT or NEED another over-hyped "gas saving mlm?"

Just look at the hype in this e-mail that came roaring into my inbox at 5 pm this afternoon:


HUGE income potential - You Must ACT Now to benefit.

Register now, pay later.

Register now, and pay later? I may want to borrow this line actually, it is after all the American way.

It goes on:

Much of the world, and in particularly the MLM world,
has become very aware recently that claims to save on
fuel economy must validate those claims.

This company's product will be the ONLY product on the
market that has been tested in an EPA Certified Lab!

This is not...I repeat this is NOT an existing
company...not Ethos, FFI, Extreme Research, or any of
the others...this is something new and much much better!

This is a huge opportunity, with massive income

Right now, any US or Canadian resident can apply and
get positioned.

This is time sensitive, so the faster you move, the
more spillover you will get.

I will be heavily advertising this program!

You can join free now, get positioned, do your due
diligence, and then pay 30 days from now if you like
what you see.

This is HIGHLY recommended!

This is positioned to be a huge, huge company, based on
how things went for the other non-compliant gas saver
companies, and I urge anyone serious about making
significant monthly residual income to take a good look.

Go to: affiliate code removed

Don't Delay! Act Now!

Now I have to admit, I have sent e-mails like this one. Yes I am guilty, however I have learned in my short 3 year Networking Career that if I want to stick around I better get with the business of Networking and Marketing and leave the hype behind.

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