Sunday, June 18, 2006

Good Thing He Wasn't A Bioperformance Rep

NEWARK, Ohio — Mayor Bruce Bain docked himself two days’ pay this week as punishment for promoting his son’s health-drink business in e-mails to some city workers.

Bain, speaking yesterday at an impromptu news conference at City Hall, said he realized almost immediately that the e-mails sent last week to 15 workers were an improper use of the city’s computer system.

The mayor has asked city Law Director Doug Sassen to review whether he did anything illegal. Bain also sent out e-mails apologizing to the employees for telling them about the health drink, Xango.

His son, Nick, has a part-time Xango business, and Bain wanted to know if anybody was interested in earning some money through such a business. He said he is not involved with Xango.

The Columbus Dispatch - Local/State

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