Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gas Pills Flunk The Test Big Time

The MLM Watchdog has posted some important information for anyone involved or thinking about getting involved in the Bio Performance Biz. This kind on news gives our industry a bad name!



trua06 said...

BioPerformance has flunked but PowerPlusMPG is passing with a great product and awesome income opportunity.

Anthony Rua

RoMay J. Allen said...

There is a special offer for Bio Performance distributors -- the fuel additive / gas pills which have been in the news so much lately. Apparently the BioPerformance pills did work to increase gas mileage, but did not dissolve, left the gas tank looking like pond scum in some cases, and had some other problems which caused some engine troubles. Which means if it is shut down there are thousands of distributors who have lose their investment.

The special offer comes from Team Everest -- who carries the gas pills Ferox. The tablets dissolve cleanly within 10 minutes and have been proven to increase gas mileage, reduce emissions and improve car function. This product has been on the market for 15 years and is registered with the EPA.

Anyway, the owners of Team Everest were concerned for all the Bio Performance distributors who have put $500 into their memberships and don't want them to just lose their money -- so they are offering to those distributors who want to join Team Everest -- a $599 membership for only $100. I think it's a great deal because you get your own discount online store where you can buy wholesale -- (with over 1800 products and new products being added daily), AND all the shipping/inventory/merchant fees/customer support is taken care of for you. I've been impressed with their products, discount grocery program, discount pharmacy program and tons more! (Plus, now they are offering the special pricing for anyone who wants to start their own home business, not just Bio Performance distributors.) So, check out their offer at http://www.qigasmileage.com/bioperformance.htm