Wednesday, April 05, 2006

UltimateMatch Launches New Travel Company

March 20, 2006 -- Austin, Texas. Today UltimateMatch announced the official launch of its new travel company UltimateMatch Travel and introduced a series of enhancements to strengthen their leading edge and lucrative compensation plan.

“We are very excited about our new Travel Program and the opportunity our Representatives have to tap into yet another multi-billion dollar industry,” said UltimateMatch Chairman and President Stephen R. Smith. “The launch aligns with our strategy to continuously provide the “ultimate match” of opportunity and income to
our Independent Representatives and provide superior services to our customers.”

As we have written earlier UltimateMatch originally launched in November of 2003 with founder Cameron Sharpe. The company has undergone several compensation plan enhancements and has partnered with The Relationship Exchange. Sharpe has left the company to pursue other interest, but Steve Smith has assembled a top notch management team to lead the company in what he hopes will be his biggest venture since the launch of Excel Telecom. UltimateMatch is currently undergoing rapid growth and expansion.

According to the company's site online dating is the fastest growing industry on the Internet, and 1/2 of the adult population is now single!



Shadow114 said...

Be very careful before doing business with Ultimate Whatever -- Cameron Sharpe is a con artist.

Anonymous said...

Cameron Sharpe isn't involved with this one anymore, but UltimateChoice Travel is what's left over from the thousands of people screwed by UltimateMatch. Many people joined Ultimatematch when it began as a dating site and then moved into finance (wealthtracker) and UM travel. It allowed the reps to have 3 sources of income in addition to recruiting. Now, after changing the rules several times in the past year, now UM is forcing their founder reps to "opt in" to this new company or their business will be lost. It's bullshit and it will happen again. Stay away from this group of cons.

Anonymous said... should be the new url for this company. Only the people at the very top of this legal pyramid are going to make any money. Don't waste your $300 and $30/month...