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Raven K Starre Article

MLM Millionaires

Why is that a fortunate few have made millions in MLM, while most barely make a check?

In most cases, MLM millionaires are not even hard workers, that might surprise quite a few of you, but it's true. The hard workers in MLM are the millions of distributors who fail to know what to look for before making a decision to sign-up.

As you read this, ask yourself, "Do I want to become an MLM millionaire?" And as you answer "YES!", here is what you MUST look for in order to create millions in 2005 and beyond:

MLM Millionaire Checklist:


96% of all MLM millionaires were involved with the company before it officially opened its doors, or they signed-up within the first 12 months of the company officially launching.

Yes, I know what you are probably thinking, "Yikes! So many companies go under before 12 months." Yes, that's true, however, if you want the greatest chance of becoming an MLM millionaire, PRE-LAUNCH is when to start.

Just like in any industry - the highest reward is to buy stock when the company is launching. Imagine a company like Microsoft, had you bought Microsoft in "pre-launch" you would have been one of the thousands of millionaires!



Leadership makes a country great.
Leadership makes a family strong.
Leadership makes a company shine.

If we look at the great $100+ million dollar MLM companies that have been around for at least a decade, they all have admirable leadership. Great leadership, combined with a brand new company, is a calculated risk, rather than a foolish risk.

3) Lead With One Product:

Simplicity is the key to success! Anyone can talk about one product, they can learn about one product, they can tell the story about one product, they can show validation by telling stories about one product, and people have the listening to hear about one product. Do you remember your last great movie? As you told your friends, did you talk about that great movie, or the last 20 movies that you had seen? Of course, you only talked about that one movie. Leading with one product insures MLM magic. What is MLM magic? MASSIVE DUPLICATION!Leading with one product is definitely the key, however, it is very wise for a company to have a catalog of other products for their distributors. The catalog of products should only be introduced to a distributor once they are in.

4) State of the art technology including - sophisticated back-offices, auto-responders and replicating websites:

Times have changed and recruiting has changed. In order to create ease in duplication, you and your downline must have state of the art resources to communicate with and recruit with.

5) First Class Imaging & Branding:

Cheesy 1980's imaging and branding is OUT. Distributors want to be proud of the company they represent. They don't want to look like the average MLM company. A first class look is absolutely imperative when approaching the massive amounts of baby-boomers and corporate executives looking at MLM now. This fresh new market is looking, so you must be prepared to approach them with sophistication.

6) Compensation Plan:

As we all know, nothing in the world is ever perfect, but let's talk about the closest thing to perfection in a compensation plan.

A plan that has very limited to NO structure.
Based mostly on volume
$50 - $200 personal monthly qualifier
NO monthly customer requirements
Weekly pay. Would you take a job that only paid you every 6-8 weeks? Why would you or your team want to wait 6-8 weeks to get paid?

If you have to accomplish proper group structure and customer acquisitions every month to get paid, when can you actually retire? Where is the passive income dream? Does your MLM company want you to be their worker-bee forever?

If the truth be told, the compensation plan creates the psychology of the distributor. A great compensation plan will create team work, keep distributors engaged in recruiting, and will reward those who work with a true retirement fund.

What's the closest thing to a perfect compensation plan?

Having succeeded in 5 MLM companies, and having worked 5 very different compensation plans, I would now only work a binary compensation plan with a matching bonus on enrollments.

Why a binary?

If you align yourself with a successful upline that can truly create one power leg, then all you have to do is create one leg. Is one leg easy to create? Of course it is. How many of us have had that 1 runaway leg that we wish we had been paid on, and didn't because we did not meet the companies structure requirements?

You see, most compensation plans are about the company making more than enough money - not about the distributor making enough money and retiring. Most companies want their distributors to jump through hoops to get a check, so that the money rolls up.

What is the perfect compensation plan? A binary with an outrageous power leg, no ridiculous group structure requirements, a monthly qualifier of $50 - $200 per month, matching bonuses on your personal enrollments, and their personal enrollments (paid in generations and not in levels).

7) Outstanding Events, Contests & Recognition:

Forget the typical trips to Maui where you have to pay your own airfare. A company should reward the efforts of their top distributors with class. A company needs to reward the outrageous efforts of their top leaders in outrageous ways. In ways that would make other MLM leaders within the industry envious that they were not a part of that company. Trips like an African safari, a jungle excursion to the Amazon, a trip to Europe on the Orient Express, or island hoping in the Indian Ocean.

How often can the average person experience something like this? Imagine painting a picture to your friends, family, and colleagues, that your company is taking you on an all expense-paid trip to explore the Great Barrier Reef aboard a 6-Star yacht.

Imagine showcase events as opulent as the Academy Awards. Messages of hope and inspiration motivate, sit down formal dinners pamper us, and recognition that would make a movie star blush. Every honorable industry deserves their own version of the Academy Awards, where is ours?

Successful companies realize that recognition needs to be done on a weekly and monthly basis. A company must recognize their distributors constantly. A human craves recognition more than money, recognition is the very basis of affection, love and connection. Give a child recognition from the day they are born, and they will have all the self-worth and self-esteem that is needed throughout their life! Give a child no recognition, and the world may possibly have a person who grows up to be self-sabotaging, self-doubting, with little self-love.

So, what are your chances of becoming an MLM millionaire?
If your company has all 7 keys, then you have the greatest chance of success. How does your company measure up?

4 out of 7 - 50% chance
5 out of 7 - 60% chance
6 out of 7 - 70% chance
7 out of 7 - 90% chance

How can you insure 100% success in MLM? The "You Factor" of course! As you bring your commitment, your resolve, your passion, your leadership, your drive, then success is YOURS. So many times when we have failed in MLM, it was not necessarily us, it truly could have been the timing, the lack of support, and/or the company guidance.

Let's use the "Jockey and the Horse" metaphor to illustrate the significance of the MLM you chose. The most acclaimed jockey in the world, who has already won a multitude of trophies could get on a broken-legged horse, and never win another race again. Is it the jockey, or the horse he's on? Of course, it's the horse. Accordingly, the most inexperienced jockey could saddle up on the all time winning horse, and still cross the finish line with great triumphant. The moral of the story...It doesn't matter what one's level of experience is, it only matters what horse you chose to ride on. Will your MLM cross you over the finish line, and lead you to the greatest financial success?

~ Written and compiled by Raven K Starre

Is there a company that possesses all 7 points?
What if the answer is yes?
Would you want to know?


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